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To Oil and Gas E&P Professionals:

Apex Spectral is the world leader in seismic dispersion imaging. Dispersion is materially present in seismic data and is caused by fluid movement relative to the rock matrix when excited by the seismic wave. Apex Spectral can reliably image dispersion with mearsurements called "ADF®". ADF® strength is largely proportional to decreased reservoir fluid viscosity, intrinsic permeability, and thickness - all critical factors in the commerciality of hydrocarbon reservoirs.

ADF® is extremely effective at predicting dry holes due to tight reservoir. Drilling dry holes due to tight reservoir rock can be avoided by the relatively inexpensive application of ADF® to identify areas of high dispersion. ADF® is a DHI because typical hydrocarbons have lower viscosity and surface tension than brine and therefore cause much stronger dispersion than wet reservoirs.

Seismic data is the only input required to compute an ADF® SEGY cube which will indicate porosity and permeability sweet spots and hydrocarbons.

Drilling large and strong ADF® anomalies will materially improve both wellbore flow rates and long term deliverability to the borehole because strong ADF® indicates the sweet spots and the size of the anomaly indicates the area of the reservoir.

As a reservoir is produced, the relative permeability of the reservoir fluids drops quickly as water saturation increases. This reduces dispersion, thereby causing a large ADF® 4D effect. The absence of ADF® anomalies at known pay zones makes ADF® a highly effective tool to track and measure depletion effects, and results show ADF® is superior to amplitude for tracking reserves and identifying near field step out locations.

ADF® DHI technology is being applied in basins worldwide covering a broad range of geologic settings and rock types (e.g. sandstones, carbonates and fractured reservoirs) to materially reduce risk and increase flow rates. Apex offers ADF® DHI services on a commercial basis, if you have interest in Apex’s technology and services, please contact us.

Subsalt Gulf of Suez ADF® Results

ADF® DHI Overview