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Apex Spectral Technology, Inc


Founded in 2002 Apex Spectral was the first to discover that contrary to what is taught as a geophysics first principle, dispersion is manifest in seismic data.  Apex then invented, patented and commercialized seismic dispersion analysis and is the world leader in dispersion imaging and interpretation.   Apex’s “ADF®” dispersion imaging can reduce dry hole risk and materially leverage the value of your play assets.

Scott W. Peters is the founder and President of Apex Spectral Technology.  Earlier in his career he was a Geophysicist and General Logging Engineer for Schlumberger.  He holds a Professional Degree in Geophysics from the Colorado School of Mines and Bachelor of Science Degree in Geophysics from University of Houston.

Robert W. Wiley is Apex Spectral’s Head of Research.  Earlier in his career he was a research associate professor at the Allied Geophysical Labs at the University of Houston, and an Advanced Senior Research Geophysicist at Marathon Oil.  He holds a B.S. in Mineral Engineering Mathematics, an M.S. in Mathematics, and a PhD in Geophysical Engineering all from the Colorado School of Mines.

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