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Imaging Seismic Dispersion to Image Hydrocarbons


Commercial hydrocarbon reservoirs all have sufficient source, migration, timing, commercial size, reservoir quality, and seal.  Heretofore, despite advances in technology, the industry has not been able to reliably determine reservoir size and quality in the widespread areas where amplitude and AVO are ineffective.  Apex’s “ADF®” does that.




Apex has a wealth of global experience spanning nearly two decades. We offer our technology and expertise on a consulting basis to leverage the value of your assets.




ADF® images bulk volume permeability in seismic data without use of well data and displays it in color.  Strong ADF® indicates hydrocarbons due to their high Relative Permeability.




Apex has a global customer base.  For competitive advantage reasons, most choose to remain anonymous.  The ones hereon kindly provided us letters of reference.




An ADF® overview and executive summary are available for download.

Prospective clients can fill out our questionnaire to help us understand your study area.

Other downloads such as ADF® project examples are also available for download.


Blind ADF® dispersion field study published by EAGE and sponsored by PDO Oman. These results show that in a blind test where amplitude was ineffective to indicate fluid type, dispersion highlighted oil and gas reservoirs in both sandstone and carbonate strata.

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